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WIP OC Character Ref Sheet by ChrisWithATa
WIP OC Character Ref Sheet
Update: Flat colors are finished! :D
Update: Line art is coming along and man that 3/4 back view still needs work!
First of three reference sheets for VickiFox
Working on some OC reference sheet commissions! :D
Pinkie Success by ChrisWithATa

Thank you all so much! I have met my goal and now to get started on all those commissions!! 
I'll see you in August BronyCAN!!


I've been accepted to the artists alley of BronyCAN  in August! 

However, I find myself looking at the artist alley fee deadline(April 1st, funny joke right?) and Passport costs for BronyCAN and find myself in a time crunch! So I am going to need to open up emergency commissions.

I'm doing a GoFundMe with reward levels as well! They include sketches, marker works, sculptures, custom large brushable ponies and sculptures!!

If that isn't your thing I'll list my commission rates below. Thanks so much guys and I hope to see you in Canada. :)

Digital ink sketches of your OC pony or character are $5
5 by ChrisWithATa

Flat colors w/o background $10
Full render w/o background $35
Flat colors w/ background $15
Full render w/ background $55
Daring Do and the Disorder of the Phoenix by ChrisWithATa

Marker Sketches
5x7 full color & ink $15
Wall-e by ChrisWithATaThe Last of Her Kind by ChrisWithATaCommission: Lily OC Marker Sketch by ChrisWithATa

OC reference Sheet
$50 or $65 to design cutie mark as well
OC Refernce Sheet: Doodle Star by ChrisWithATa

Custom brushable standard ponies
Starting at $25 for mares and $35 for stallions.
Custom: Derpy Hooves by ChrisWithATa

Custom Sculptures
Starting at $100 for one pony/character
Commission: Can Can Pinkie Encore by ChrisWithATaCommission: Daring Do VS Trixie by ChrisWithATa

Thanks guys! I really want to get to BronyCAN!!
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United States
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ ლ(゚д゚ლ)
I'm a 32 year old Mom|Wife|Sculptor|Designer|Fangirl.

I love it when fandoms collide.


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